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Display of Power: Putin All Set For Next Six Years As President of Russia

Sunday the May 5 was the 800th day of the Ukraine war, but the most important is the 803rd day and 805th day of the war because in these three days the Russian army has to give results. 

The pace of the war is very fast because the next 5 days are very important for Russia. Especially for Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

After one day, Putin will take oath for the next term and after 5 days there is a Victory Day parade. On this day, Putin praises the country's progress, success and bravery from the stage and the world sees Putin's strength and Russia's display of power.

Once again, Putin will leave the Kremlin office in the same manner. Will sit in his limousine. Will go to take oath for the next term of the President. Putin will be on the red carpet in the Kremlin Hall and many guests will be standing to welcome him. 

Another formal oath will make it clear that no one can defeat Putin in the elections in Russia. Putin is invincible in Russian politics, but the question is, what will Putin say about the successes of his government? Why would you give details of Russia's military victory and Ukraine's defeat?

Bombs are raining in Ukraine and preparations are being made for celebrations on 7th and 9th May in Moscow. On the morning of May 9, Moscow's Red Square is going to become the ground for Putin's show of power. 

Like every year, on May 9, the Victory Day of World War II will be celebrated on Red Square in Moscow and on this day Putin will also narrate the story of Russia's victory in Ukraine. This is the reason why the Russian army has to achieve a big victory in Ukraine in the next three days. Efforts have been intensified.

The commanders have received orders from the Kremlin and the commanders are delivering them to the soldiers fighting in the war. The message is clear that maximum damage has to be done to Ukraine in three days and full force has to be applied for this. 

A fierce war is going on on the banks of the Dnieper river. Russia is close to capturing Avdivka, but here Ukraine has tried to turn the tables with a cluster attack.

On the other hand, Chasiv Yar has been evacuated like Bakhmut and it is certain that Putin can declare Russian occupation of Chasiv Yar and Avdiivka this time. There was a major Russian attack in Kharkiv also. 

2 Russian drones tried to destroy Kharkiv's infrastructure. Many buildings were also damaged by glide bombs. Putin is going to boast about his victory and the bravery of the Russian army, but before that British Intelligence has released the figures of losses suffered by Russia in the Ukraine war. The report mentions the deaths of lakhs of Russian soldiers.

According to the report of British Intelligence, so far 4.5 lakh Russian soldiers have died in the war. Even though Russia is calling NATO's tanks weak, 3 thousand of Russia's own tanks have been destroyed in the war. Ukraine has so far destroyed 10 thousand Russian armored vehicles by attacking anti-tank missiles. 

Thanks to Patriot and other air defense, Ukraine has shot down 109 Russian aircraft. Russia has also lost 136 helicopters in the war so far. Talking about its drones, 346 drones have been destroyed so far. Challenging its power in the Black Sea, Ukraine has destroyed 23 warships.

At the same time, Ukraine is attacking with its deadly drones and American ATACMS. Ukraine also attacked this gas station in Belrod with a drone. A fire broke out here after the explosion. After some time, the flames became more intense because the drone collided with the gas storage container. 

In this attack, a gas filling station was destroyed along with the gas stock being burnt. Russia has not confirmed any attack, but a fire suddenly broke out in a shopping center in Khabarovsk, Russia.

A sudden fire broke out in a factory in Vladivostok, Russia. It has not been revealed whether Ukraine attacked here or whether any accident took place, but the way fires broke out in many areas of Russia, it is believed that all this happened due to Ukraine's drone attack. 

It is claimed that Ukraine's 35th Marine Corps destroyed a Russian military base. The biggest attack in Ukraine took place in Luhansk. Ukraine attacked a training ground with an American ATACMS missile. Many explosions occurred here due to cluster explosive. 

More than 100 soldiers are feared dead in the attack. M74 APAM mini bomb is being used in American missile.

Apart from this, Ukraine also destroyed Russia's Bak complex and 6 missiles with the American missile. After this success, America has announced that it will soon supply more ATACMS to Ukraine. 

America is somehow trying to put pressure on Russia so that Russia cannot achieve a big victory. Last year, several drone attacks were carried out in Moscow to spoil the Victory Day parade. 

Therefore, it is expected that this time again Ukraine can launch a major attack on the Russian capital on 7th and 9th May.