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Europe Successfully Launched Ariane-6 Rocket

The European Space Program took a big leap on Wednesday. Europe's first heavy lift rocket 'Ariane-6' made its first successful flight. 

This launch was done from Europe's spaceport in French Guiana. According to reports, the flight of Ariane-6 is very important for Europe. With the help of this rocket, it will be able to launch its remote space missions on its own in the future and its dependence on the US space agency NASA will be reduced. 

Ariane-6 has been built as a successor to the Ariane-5 rocket. According to the media reports, the new rocket can launch missions in low-earth orbit and also in deep space. The design of the rocket is such that it can be set according to the needs of the missions. 

This is the reason that after the successful flight of Ariane-6, competition may increase in the world's space launch market.  

ESA Director General Josef Aschbacher described the launch as a demonstration of 'European excellence in engineering and technology'. He also acknowledged the hard work of thousands of people who worked on this project over the years. 

The teams of the European Space Agency (ESA), CNES, Ariane Group and Arianespace have played an important role in preparing the rocket.  

The first flight of Ariane-6 was named VA262. During this flight, the rocket demonstrated its ability to escape Earth's gravity and operate in space. Despite being a test flight, the rocket carried several payloads with it. These included experiments and satellites from space agencies, companies, research institutes and universities.  

About an hour after the launch, the rocket put the satellites into orbit 600 kilometers above the earth. It is believed that with the help of this rocket, Europe can strengthen its hold in the global space sector