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Extreme Hunger: People Are Forced To Eat Soil And Leaves in Sudan

In the year 2023, about 282 million people from 59 countries will be forced to suffer from hunger and the maximum number of people faced severe famine situation in war-torn Gaza. The United Nations gave this information in the 'Global Report on Food Crisis'.

According to the report, more than 2.4 crore people had to face severe food shortage in 2022. Due to this, there was worsening food security situation in Gaza Strip and Sudan.. 

Maximo Torero, chief economist of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, said that international experts have set a scale of hunger, in which 7,05,000 people in five countries are in the fifth stage, which is considered the highest level.

According to the United Nations report, thousands of people are suffering from hunger in South Sudan, Burkina Faso, Somalia and Mali.

Meanwhile Reuters also reports that due to hungry people are forced to eat soil and leaves in Sudan. According to the report food crisis severely hits Sudan.

The future scenario in the UN report estimates that 11 lakh people in Gaza and 79 thousand people in South Sudan may reach the 5th phase by July. With this, the phase of being forced to face famine may also begin. 

Also, it has increased four times compared to the number recorded in 2016. The economist said that 80 percent of the people facing severe famine, i.e. 5,77,000, are in Gaza alone. Hunger is at its worst here.