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Farmers Blocks NH in South Tripura District Against Police Haressment

Public stages protest and blocked road against the extortion of police officer in Baikhora under South Tripura District.

SI Chandraketu Tripura of Baikhora Police Station allegedly has been preventing the farmers from marketing their agricultural crops for a long time.

Finally, the angry farmers  blockade the National Highway in Baikhora area under Bilonia Sub-division South Tripura District on Saturday.

A heated situation has arisen in Baikhora around that incident. A large police force including Baikhora police station OC Vishnuchandra Das rushed to the spot to deal with the situation.

According to the details of the incident, ASI Chandraketu Tripura of Baikhora police station has been allegedly harassing people on various pretexts to fill his pocket. 

Chandraketu was about to transferred to Hrishyamukh Police Station as a result of his various activities. But for some reason he was not transferred. Currently, he is in Baikhora PS. Farmers and common people are not free from the wrath of Chandraketu. Farmers coming to the Baikhora weekly market on Saturday  roadblocks after being harassed by Chandraketu.

Farmer said that Chandraketu sits in the vegetable market and collects the extortion  from the vehicle while bringing their agricultural produce to the market by auto or other vehicles. 

Chandraketu was continuing doing such things  in the previous days as well. Due to this, the drivers do not want to bring the products of the farmers to the market. 

Due to Chandraketu, farmers are not able to market their crops properly and all are facing losses.

Finally on Saturday the farmers, angry over Chandraketu Tripura, blocked the National Highway at Baikhora. Baikhora Police Station OC Bishnuchandra Das arrived at the spot after receiving the news of the blockade. 

He assured the farmers that proper action will be taken against Chandraketu. At last the farmers cleared the road block on the promise given by the OC.

Baikhora Police Station OC Vishnuchandra Das said that various complaints have been made against ASI Chandraketu Tripura. All those complaints are being investigated. If the allegations are proved to be true, appropriate punishment will be taken against him.