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"Gets Black Money From Adani-Ambani" Said PM Modi. "Send ED-CBI" Said Rahul Gandhi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday targeted Rahul Gandhi by mentioning Adani-Ambani for the first time in Karimnagar, Telangana. 

He said- For the last 5 years, the princes of Congress used to chant the same rosary day and night. 5 industrialists, Ambani and Adani, but since the elections have been declared, they have stopped abusing Ambani-Adani...why?

PM said- I want to ask the prince of Congress, how much wealth has he collected from Adani and Ambani? Have you lost a sackful of black money? How much money did the Congress Party get from those industrialists for the elections? Has the goods arrived after filling the tempo?

In response Rahul Gandhi shared a video in the evening on PM's statement. He said, Narendra Modi ji, do Adani-Ambani give you money by filling you in 'tempo'? Is this your personal experience? Rahul said that Modi ji do one thing - send CBI, ED to them. Get a complete investigation done, get an inquiry done. Don't panic."

On PM's statement, Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge said - times are changing. Friends are no more. After the third phase of voting, today the Prime Minister has become an attacker on his own friends. This shows that Modi ji's chair is shaking. These are the real trends of the results.

Congress leader Pawan Kheda said - After three phases of elections, Narendra Modi has become so nervous that he started speaking against Adani-Ambani. PM Modi said- Rahul Gandhi ji does not take the names of Adani-Ambani. The truth is that since April 3, Rahul Gandhi has taken the name of Adani 103 times and Ambani 30 times.

Congress party shared the picture of Rahul's Parliament on social media in which he is showing the photo of Modi and Adani. Congress wrote – Ask questions in such a way that even the corrupt start giving clarifications. The question still remains the same – what is Modi's relationship with Adani?

PM also responded to the statement of Indian Overseas Congress President Sam Pitroda in the Warangal rally. He said – Prince (Rahul Gandhi) has uncle (Sam Pitroda) as his philosopher and guide in America. He works like the third umpire in the Congress party. He has said that the people of South India look like Africans.

PM said- Today I am very angry. I will tolerate it if people abuse me, but the prince's philosopher has abused the people of the country so much that my mind is filled with anger. Will the merit of people in my country be decided by the color of their skin? Who has given the prince the right to play the game of skin color? People dancing with the Constitution on their heads are insulting the country.