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"Govt is Doing Only Tribal Appeasement": Amara Bangali Tripura on Panisagar Refuge Matter

Regional Political Party Amara Bangali Tripura State Committee strongly condemn  the 'inhuman and merciless behavior of the administration' in panisagar refuge issue.

"During the tenure of the BJP government, the policy of Bengali hatred and tribal appeasement is going on. Recently, 51 helpless Bengali families have taken shalter as refuge in Pekuchara forest in panisagar in order to save their existence .The administration is forcing them to evict from there." said the party.

Besides, Amara Bangali Tripura State Committee has made 6 point demands to the government.

Addressing  a press conference in Agartala Amara Bengali secretary Gaurang Rudrapal said that 217 Bengali families from 51 villages in Kanchanpur sub-division have taken shelter in Pekuarchhara village of Panisagar under North Tripura District. But to evict the families from Pekuarchhara, the police and the administration are coercing them. The administration is repeatedly threatening to leave the place. However, about a hundred tribal families live in another place of the forest department, a little far from the incident site, but the administration is completely silent about their eviction. This is an example of the anti-Bengali and tribal appeasement policies of the present BJP government, which surpasses the previous leftist era Amara Bengali have moved in protest against this."

"On behalf of the Amara Bangali Tripura State Committee, we have made a 6-point demand to the government. The demands are that no Bengali family sheltered in Pekuarchara should be evicted from Pekuarchara without making alternative arrangements, immediately provision should be made for food, drink, medicine and house construction for the sheltered refugee Bengali families in Pekuarchara area under government initiative" said Rudrapaul.

"Besides, since the massacre of June 80 till now, all the Bengali families who have lost their property due to the extremist attacks and extremist Reang refugees must be given full compensation and resettlement with security' he added.