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Handing Over My Son Rahul to You. He Will Not Disappoint You: Sonia Gandhi in Rae Bareli Rally

Former Congress President Sonia Gandhi on Friday said the people of Rae Bareli that she is handing over her son to them and Rahul will not let you down. 

On this appeal of Sonia, the entire pandal echoed with noise. 

Former Congress President Sonia Gandhi made an emotional appeal from the stage in the joint meeting of the India Alliance at the ITI Ground in Rae Bareli. 

Due to health reasons, Sonia Gandhi reached the stage when Rahul Gandhi's speech was going on. 

When Sonia Gandhi reached the dais after Rahul's speech, Rahul Gandhi stood next to her with folded hands like a student. Priyanka stood equal to Rahul.

Sonia Gandhi said, 'Brothers and sisters, I am handing over my son to you, consider Rahul as your own just as you accepted me as your own. Rahul will not disappoint you. 

Gandhi said, “I am happy that I got a chance to come among you after a long time. My head is bowed with reverence before you."

Reiterating the strength of her family ties to this area, she said, 'It gave me the opportunity to serve as an MP for 20 years. This is the biggest asset of my life. Rae Bareli is my family, Amethi is also my home."

Sonia Gandhi said, 'Not only are there fond memories of life here, but my family's roots are connected to this soil for the last 100 years.' 

She said that 'this relationship as sacred as Mother Ganga started with the farmers' movement of Awadh and Rae Bareli and continues till today.'

While narrating the memoirs of her mother-in-law and late former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, who was the MP from Rae Bareli, Sonia said, 'Indira ji had a special place for Rae Bareli in her heart. I saw her closely while working. She had immense love for you."

Elaborating on this, the former Congress president said, 'I gave the same education to Rahul and Priyanka that Indira ji and the people of Rae Bareli gave me - respect everyone, protect the weak, fight for the people's rights against injustice, whatever it may be. If you have to fight, fight, don't be afraid, because your roots and tradition of struggle are very strong."

Congress candidate Rahul Gandhi, SP chief Akhilesh Yadav and Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi also addressed the meeting. 

Rahul Gandhi claimed that after June 4, Narendra Modi will no longer be the Prime Minister and 'India' coalition government will be formed and this government will belong to the people.