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Hindi Film 'Kooki' Made in Assam to be Screened at Cannes Film Festival

Hindi feature film 'Kooki' made in Assam will be screened at the Cannes Film Festival 2024, which will be released on June 28. 

It is said in the official release on Saturday that the screening of 'Kooki' is going to be held on May 21 at Palace H. 

Producer Junmoni Devi Khaund said, 'I am extremely honored and grateful to have got the opportunity to screen my first feature film 'Kooki' at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival.

This platform not only celebrates cinematic art, but also elevates the voices that dare to speak on urgent global issues. 

Khaund said the film addresses a topic that requires urgent international attention and dialogue, making its screening at Cannes especially important.

Khaund said, "I believe that our film should be seen by the audience at the global level. This opportunity is a dream come true for any filmmaker and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to bring our story to such a respected stage. 'Kooki' narrates a girl's life struggle, love story and many obstacles while showcasing various elements of Assam culture."