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Honey Trap. Body Cut Into Pices. Used Salt to Melt: Police on Bangladesh MP Murder in Kolkata

The murder of Bangladeshi MP Anwarul Azmi Anar in Kolkata, West Bengal has created a stir. Anwarul's murder mystery is getting more and more complicated. 

After the butcher and the murderer Hasina, now a new mystery of turmeric and salt has come to the fore. 

Bangladesh police has also made a new revelation. If the Bangladeshi police is to be believed, turmeric was mixed in Anwarul's body after cutting it into pieces. Bangladesh police says that turmeric was mixed in the body pieces. The murderers used turmeric and salt to melt the body quickly. 

However, it is being said that his partner is behind the murder of the MP.

According to Harun Ur Rashid of Bangladesh Police, Anwarul Azmi Anar was first murdered. Then the bones and flesh were separated from his body. For this, the body was cut into pieces. Turmeric and salt were mixed in the flesh and thrown at various places. 

Kolkata Police is cooperating with us. We hope that even if the entire body is not found, some parts will definitely be found. 

From Bangladeshi Police to Kolkata Police, no one has ruled out the possibility of a honey trap.

Police sources claim that at the time of the murder, a beautiful killer named Selesi Rehman was present. Selesi Rehman was present in the flat in Kolkata where the murder took place. Selesi Rehman first befriended the MP. 

Later, she brought the MP to the flat. Before the murder, MP Anwarul Azmi Anar was brought to the bedroom. First, the MP was brought to the bedroom, where he was killed by pressing his mouth with a pillow and stopping his breathing. 

After that, when the killers were convinced that the MP was dead, the body was brought to the kitchen. Here, the butcher first peeled off the skin with a sharp weapon, then minced the meat. 

After this, those pieces were filled in plastic. The bones were also cut into small pieces and disposed of by filling them in plastic.

Police further said that for three consecutive days these murderers took out the pieces of the body from there. To dispose of the body parts the murderers took the help of a taxi. 

Through the taxi those pieces were thrown at various places so that the body of the MP could never be found. This was revealed when the CID questioned the taxi driver in this case. 

In this case the CID has arrested Khulna's butcher Jihad Havaldar. He has confessed that Akhtaruz Zaman had hatched this conspiracy. Akhtaruz Zaman is the partner of the deceased MP. 

Another revelation has been made in the murder case of Bangladesh MP Anwarul Azim. For his murder the MP's partner Akhtaruz Zaman had sent two people to Kolkata.

According to Bangladesh's newspaper The Daily Star, a contract killing of a Bangladeshi MP has been done in Kolkata. A deal of 5 crore Bangladeshi Taka was made for this. 

The Daily Star claims that MP Anwarul Azim had an illegal gold business in Kolkata. He had a dispute with his partner Akhtaruzzaman over this. 

To take revenge on the MP, Akhtaruzzaman sent two people from Bangladesh to Kolkata. They killed the MP in the rented flat itself. After this, the body was cut into pieces, stuffed into two suitcases and handed over to an Indian man for disposal.

Bengal Police, which is investigating the case, has got clues from the CCTV footage. Kolkata Police has suspected that the MP was murdered in a flat in New Town on May 13 itself. 

In the CCTV footage, two people were seen going to the building in New Town with MP Anwarul Azim, but he did not return. Two people who accompanied him were seen coming out of the building with bags at different times. It is suspected that the body of the MP was in those two bags. 

Currently, both the people involved in the murder have been arrested by Bangladesh Police. A taxi driver has also been arrested on charges of helping the killers.

The Bangladeshi MP came to Kolkata on 12 May. 6 days later on 18 May, Anwarul Azim went missing. 

One of his close friends Gopal Biswas filed a report of his disappearance in Kolkata. Gopal Biswas told that the Bangladeshi MP left his house on the afternoon of 13 May. He had an appointment with a doctor. He had said that he would return for dinner in the evening. But after that there was no contact with the MP.

Now the CID of Kolkata Police is searching for the body of the MP. The difficulty in proving the charges in this case is that the business partner who planned the murder is in the custody of Bangladesh Police. 

The two people who murdered the MP had come to India without passport. They went back after the murder. They have also been arrested by Bangladesh Police. 

It is not easy to prove the charge of murder without bringing these three to India. Now there are some questions which are unanswered that was the Bangladesh MP trapped in a honeytrap? Who is the woman named Selesi Rehman? What was Selesi Rehman doing in the flat at the time of the murder?