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ICJ Ordered Israel to Immediately Stop Military Action in Rafah

The International Court of Justice (ICJ), working under the aegis of the United Nations, has ordered Israel to immediately stop military action in Rafah. The court has given this interim order while hearing a petition filed by South Africa. In the petition, a demand has been made to stop Israel's genocidal actions in Gaza.

It is known that there are still lakhs of refugees in Rafah, situated on the Egyptian border, and despite international opposition, Israeli attacks are increasing there. 

More than 35,800 Palestinians have been killed so far and about 10,000 are missing in the military action that has been going on in Gaza since October 7, 2023.

This order of the International Court of Justice is not binding on Israel, but if it does not obey this order, Israel's position at the international level is likely to weaken further. 

Israel's biggest ally America also disagrees with the military action on Rafah.

International Court of Justice chief Nawaf Salam said that the situation in Gaza is getting worse day by day. Israel has not provided sufficient information to the court regarding the information sought about it. The order to stop the attack on Rafah is in view of that. 

This order of the court has been given by a 15-member bench on the basis of support of 13 members and opposition of two members.

The opposition to this order was from Uganda and Israel. It is known that Israel has intensified military action in Rafah this month. 

Israel has been protesting this case since the beginning, calling the allegations made in the petition false.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has clearly stated that Israel will not accept any order or advice to stop military action. 

After the latest order, the representatives of Israel and South Africa present in the court did not express any reaction, while Palestine supporters present outside the court expressed happiness.