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Immediately Deport 17 Foreigners Who Are in Detention Camp of Assam: SC to Centre

The Supreme Court directed the Central government to release 17 foreign nationals held in detention centers in Assam. 

The apex court has said that no crime has been registered against foreign nationals. 

A bench of Justices Abhay S Oka and Ujjwal Bhuyan heard the case. The report was presented in the court by the State Legal Services Authority. 

The report said that 17 foreign nationals have been detained in Assam. The bench said India should take steps to release the 17 foreign nationals at the earliest as there are no criminal cases registered against them.

The Supreme Court said that many foreign nationals have been detained in detention centers for years and their condition is worsening. 

The court had in April asked the State Legal Services Authority to provide information about the foreigners detained for two years. 

During that time, the bench had directed the authority to form a team to visit the detention centers and gather information about the facilities provided to foreign nationals. Actually a petition was being heard in the court. 

The petition sought the release of foreign nationals who have been detained in detention centers in Assam for more than two years.