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INDI Alliance Completely Defeated in The Fifth Phase: Modi in Bihar

PM Narendra Modi held meetings in Motihari and Maharajganj in Bihar on Tuesday. 

In Maharajganj he said that Indi alliance knows corruption. Their leaders have three things in common. Communal, casteist and familyism. Scammers worth Rs 20 lakh crore are together in Indi alliance.

Some people were seen climbing poles in the PM's meeting. The Prime Minister asked the security personnel to get everyone down. He then apologized to the people who came down. 

The PM said that I apologize if your honor has been hurt. You all are my family.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, I guarantee you, I will work hard for you day and night, harder than before. I have to make a developed Bihar, a developed India for you, for your future, for the future of your children.

Earlier, the PM held a meeting at Gandhi Maidan in Motihari. Looking at the crowd, he said that your crowd is telling what is going to happen in the sixth and seventh phase.

Prime Minister Modi said, the fifth phase of elections was completed yesterday itself. INDI alliance was defeated in the first phase and INDI alliance collapsed in subsequent phases and now in the 5th phase which took place yesterday, INDI alliance has been completely defeated.