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Israel to Intensify Attack on Rafah. 100,000 People Evacuated

Israel Defense Force (IDF) is going to intensify its attacks towards Rafah. The IDF has begun evacuating civilians from eastern Rafah. Has been sending people from Rafah to a newly expanded humanitarian zone, which includes Al Mawasi, Khan Yunis and parts of central Gaza. 

The IDF said on Monday morning that the evacuation was taking place ahead of a planned military operation in Rafah. The IDF has said that it is working in collaboration with international organizations and many countries to increase humanitarian assistance in the Gaza Strip. 

The new humanitarian area has also been provided with field hospitals, tents, food, medicine and other essential supplies.

The IDF has asked the population to temporarily evacuate the eastern neighborhoods of Rafah, currently under Hamas control, the Jerusalem Post reports. The IDF planned a phased evacuation. 

Apart from dropping leaflets, people are being asked to evacuate the area through phone calls and announcements in Arabic. 

The leaflets say that you are in a dangerous war zone, so evacuate immediately. It is reported that some families have started evacuating the area under the evacuation order.

According to the report, the evacuation is for a limited area, which includes the area where about 100,000 people are currently living. 

The Israeli cabinet took the decision on the evacuation on Sunday night. After this, Defense Minister Yoav Galant informed US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin about this. Gallant has said that Israeli forces are carrying out operations in Rafah in case there is no other option left. 

Lloyd Austin said any military operation in Rafah must include a credible plan to evacuate Palestinian civilians and maintain the flow of humanitarian aid.

Following Israel's order to evacuate Rafah, Egyptian authorities have completely blocked traffic, completely blocking the Rafah crossing. 

The decision to begin the evacuation came after Hamas fired rockets from Rafah towards the Kerem Shalom area on Sunday, killing three soldiers and wounding ten others. 

The area being evacuated also includes the area from where the rockets were fired.