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It Would be Enough if Congress Gets Total 50 Seats: PM Modi in UP

Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a big attack on Congress and Samajwadi Party in the public meeting in Fatehpur Uttar Pradesh, and also praised Yogi Adityanath government for the development work done in this area. 

He said that whatever development is being seen in the entire region today under the double engine government was never possible under the Samajwadi Party government. Prime Minister Modi said that the qualities of both Samajwadi Party and Congress are similar.

He said that both the parties are dedicated to familyism and not to the public, both are involved in corruption. Both can do anything to please their respective vote banks. 

The PM said that SP-Congress are such parties under whose patronage criminals and mafias are encouraged. 

He said that this is the reason why the dreams of both the claw and the bicycle were shattered in this election.

Prime Minister Modi said that during the SP government, UP used to be on top in crime but now UP is on top in terms of development. 

He said that today UP is at the top among the states with the highest number of expressways. 

UP is on top in terms of most airports. UP is also on top in poor welfare schemes.

Prime Minister Modi said that currently four phases of elections have been held in the country, but in these four phases, the public has defeated all four of them. 

The Prime Minister said that now planning is being done after June 4 as to who will be blamed for the defeat. He taunted that I had no idea that the ticket for the foreign trip had also been booked.

In the rally, Prime Minister Modi took a dig at Rahul Gandhi and said that I had already said that this prince will run away from Wayanad in Kerala. I had said that he will not dare to go towards Amethi, this news also 
turned out to be confirmed. Al

Aong with this, he also claimed that it would be enough if Congress gets 50 seats in the whole country.