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Lalu Yadav Tried To Save Those Responsible For Godhra Train Arson: PM Modi in Bihar

Prime Minister Narendra Modi took the name of Godhra incident in the rally in Darbhanga . 

Taking aim at Lalu Prasad Yadav, he said that when Kar Sevaks were being burnt in the train in Godhra, Shehzade's father (Lalu Yadav) was the Railway Minister. Who are serving jail sentence today. At that time, the then Railway Minister formed a committee which declared the person who killed the Kar Sevaks innocent. The whole world knew that the Kar Sevaks were burnt alive, but the then Railway Minister conspired to put the blame on the Kar Sevaks themselves.

'The Sehezada's father formed a committee to save the Godhra culprits. Then Ben Raji committee was formed. Made them write such a report that 60 kar sevaks would be acquitted. But the intention of the then Railway Minister, who is currently serving jail sentence in the fodder scam, did not succeed and the Godhra culprits were also awarded death sentence by the court. Then a conspiracy was hatched to blame the kar sevaks. This is their history. This is their truth.'' he said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that RJD's history has always been of appeasement under the guise of social justice. While being the Railway Minister, Lalu Yadav had formed a committee of a Supreme Court judge to investigate the Godhra incident. The then Railway Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav got that committee to write such a report that the accused should be acquitted. But the court threw his report in the garbage. And those accused were even given death sentence. The whole world know how the Kar Sevaks were burnt. But then a fake investigation report was made and the blame was placed on the Kar Sevaks.

Prime Minister Modi targeted the opposition and said that these people raise questions on surgical strikes and air strikes. The country is watching everything. These people have always been following the policy of appeasement. Now Hindus and Muslims are being seen in the army. 

Narendra Modi said that the soldier who takes a bullet to protect the country is not a Hindu or a Muslim, he is a son of Mother India. Raising the question, he asked whether we remember Veer Abdul Hameed because he was a Muslim?

"Now they have started counting Hindus and Muslims in the army. These people are doing all this to divide the country and break social utility. RJD people see it as Hindu Muslim. The one who takes a bullet to defend the country is not a Hindu or a Muslim, he is a soldier. These people talk about breaking the country on the basis of religion" said PM Modi.