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LS Polls: Priyanka Gandhi Holds Rally in Assam

Congress National General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra reached Dhubri, Assam on Wednesday (May 1). He held an election rally here. During this, Priyanka said, "Mafia are ruling in Assam. When your CM was in the Congress party, there were serious allegations against him. As soon as he joined BJP, all the allegations against him were washed away.

Priyanka said that the kind of politics going on in the country today, you (the public) will have to understand it deeply. There was a time when the media represented the public and the government could be questioned. But today all the institutions are standing with one party. Be it media or Election Commission.

Today all the avenues to strengthen democracy and the Constitution are being closed. BJP has developed a washing machine, where corrupt people are put and cleaned. This is the first thing he has done with your CM. Today there is the highest unemployment in the country in 45 years. Because the ministers sitting in the government are completely focused on their own interests.

Priyanka's speech in Assam...

Today BJP leaders are talking about changing the Constitution. The Constitution gave you the power to vote, the Constitution gave you the right to equality, the Constitution protects your rights, this Constitution does not belong to BJP, they will change it. 

This constitution belongs to this country, it is yours. No one can change this.

Congress gave land leases to the poor, nationalized banks, brought Green Revolution and White Revolution, gave rights to MNREGA and food security. Narendra Modi cannot take such a name from his BJP government.

A BJP leader in Karnataka fled abroad after sexually exploiting thousands of women. A few days ago, Narendra Modi ji was asking for votes for this leader from the packed stage.

Wherever crimes against women have been committed in the country, be it Hathras, Unnao or Manipur, BJP leaders have been involved in it. 

Modi government has only been protecting criminals.
I met women in tea gardens, there they told me their problems. They get very low salaries, their demand was that their salaries should be increased. 

The CM here takes over the tea gardens, gets different businesses done, but does not increase your wages. That's why Congress has a guarantee - your wages will be raised up to Rs 400.

The woman also takes the responsibility of the house and also takes care of the society. But Modi government did nothing to make women self-reliant. 

Modi ji said that he has given reservation to women, but it is not known when that reservation will be implemented. 

At the same time, Congress has guaranteed 50% reservation to women in central government jobs and we will fulfill this guarantee.