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Missing Bangladesh MP Found Dead in Kolkata. Dhaka Said 'Murder'

The death of Bangladesh's ruling party Awami League MP Anwarul Azim Anar has been confirmed. 

Bangladesh Home Minister has confirmed his death. He had come to India for treatment and could not be traced for the last few days. Earlier a search operation was started to find him.

Bangladesh Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan said that Kolkata Police has confirmed the death of Anwarul. 

According to the police sources, three-time MP Anwarul was found dead in a flat where he had gone to meet someone.

Bangladesh Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan said in a press conference in Dhaka that the MP has been murdered in Kolkata. His murder has been done as part of a well-planned conspiracy. All the accused involved in this murder are Bangladeshi. So far three people associated with this conspiracy have been arrested.

Let us tell you, Azim had reached Kolkata on 12 May. Since then he had lost contact with his family. His mobile was also switched off.

In the general diary of Burnanagar police station in North Kolkata, information about the missing of the Bangladeshi MP has been lodged on 18th May.

According to police sources, Anwarul had come to meet a family friend, Gopal Biswas, at his house in Kolkata on May 12 at around 7 pm. 

The next day at 1:41 pm he left saying he would meet the doctor. He said he would return in the evening.

Anwarul took a taxi from opposite Kolkata Public School in Bidhan Park. In the evening he sent a WhatsApp message to Gopal Biswas informing him that he was going to Delhi and would call when he reached there.

The Bangladeshi MP sent a message to Biswas on 14 May. In which he told that he has reached Delhi and a VIP is here with the people. Because of this there is no need to call him. 

He also sent the same message to his PA Rauf, but on May 17, his daughter called Gopal Biswas and told that she was not able to talk to her father.