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Modi Govt Ends Rule of Law- Rahul Gandhi. Agneepath is Threat to National Security- Congress

Attacking the BJP over the death of the sister of a deprived youth killed in Sagar, Madhya Pradesh, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has ended the rule of law. 

He said that we will create a system where even the weakest person will be able to raise his voice strongly against oppression.

The woman, who had filed a case last August claiming that her brother, a victim, was beaten to death by some people who were pressurising her to compromise in a harassment case, died after falling from the ambulance carrying her uncle's body in Sagar on Sunday.

Notably, hes uncle Rajendra Ahirwar was beaten to death by some people over an old rivalry on Saturday night, police sources said. In a post on Instagram, Rahul Gandhi said,

"Narendra Modi has ended the 'rule of law'. My heart fills with pain and anger just thinking about what the BJP leaders have done to this underprivileged family in Madhya Pradesh.

He said that it is a matter of shame that in BJP rule, the government is always seen standing with the culprits instead of the victimized women.

The former Congress chief said that such incidents break the courage of every person who has no other way than to take recourse to law to get justice. 

Rahul Gandhi said, I assure you that we will create a system where even the weakest person will be able to raise his voice strongly against oppression. We cannot let justice depend on money and power.

Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra also criticised the Modi government on Monday over the woman's death and alleged that whenever the sisters who were subjected to atrocities sought justice, their families were ruined. Posting on Twitter, Priyanka Gandhi said,

This incident that happened with a deprived sister in Madhya Pradesh is heartbreaking. BJP people are after the Constitution because they do not want the women, deprived, tribals and backward people of the country to live with respect and neither will their complaints be heard anywhere.

Whether it is the wrestler sisters of Delhi, the victims of Hathras-Unnao or this horrific incident, wherever atrocities were committed against women, Narendra Modi ji and his government protected the accused. When the sisters who were tortured demanded justice, their families were destroyed. The women of the country are not going to remain silent now.

The woman had alleged that her brother Nitin Ahirwar alias Lalu was killed on August 24, 2023 by some people who used to harass her, following which Congress leader Digvijaya Singh had staged a sit-in at Barodia Nonagir village.

On the other hand, Congress on Tuesday claimed that the Army recruitment scheme 'Agneepath' is a threat to national security.

Party president Mallikarjun Kharge, citing a news report, also asked whether it was not true that the number of recruitments under the Agneepath scheme had been reduced from 75,000 per year to 46,000 per year?

Kharge posted on 'X', 'India's national security has been compromised by the imposition of Agniveer (Agneepath) scheme by the Modi government.'

He questioned, 'Is it not true that Agneepath has reduced the number of recruitment from 75,000 per year to 46,000 per year? Is it not true that the country's Defence Minister has to repeatedly repeat that he will reconsider, change and improve the Agniveer scheme? Is it not true that the Department of Military Affairs (DMA) and the Army are concerned about the continuous decline in the recruitment of new soldiers which is going to reach the highest level by the end of this decade?'

The Congress President claimed, 'On one hand, the Chinese are infiltrating, occupying and encroaching upon the country's borders, which requires more military force to deal with, on the other hand, the Modi government has destroyed the lives of our patriotic youth through Agniveer.'

He said, 'Congress guarantees - we will cancel the Agniveer scheme. Only then will our patriotic youth get justice.'

Congress General Secretary Jairam Ramesh claimed that the Agneepath project is a threat to national security.

He said, 'There is a need to continuously maintain large-scale deployment of troops in eastern Ladakh to protect the Indian armed forces from Chinese aggression and give a befitting reply.'

Agneepath has reduced the number of recruitments from 75,000 per year to 46,000 per year. This will result in a reduction in the number of soldiers serving, which may compromise our security in the next decade," Ramesh said.

The Congress general secretary said, 'There is one more thing. After just six months of training, Agniveers are considered ready for war. This is the result of a policy that the Modi government thoughtlessly made without consultation and despite the opposition of the three army chiefs.'

"The ego of the outgoing Prime Minister/self-proclaimed God has become bigger than the security of the country," Ramesh alleged.