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North Korea Fires Missile Just After US-South Korea Joint Air Force Drill

North Korea has once again fired a ballistic missile towards its eastern seaboard. South Korea's army made this claim on Friday. 

However, no immediate information could be given by South Korea's Joint Chief of Staff regarding the launch or trajectory of the ballistic missile. 

Let us tell you that in recent months, North Korea has launched ballistic and cruise missiles with various firepower capabilities as well as tactical rockets in recent times. Which he has described as a part of upgrading its defense capability.

This time again on Friday morning North Korea launched a missile. After this, the sister of North Korea's powerful leader Kim Jong Un said that the strategic rocket is to respond to South Korean aggression. However, She has denied allegations of Pyongyang selling weapons. 

The launch of this missile has taken place at a time when Russian President Putin is on a visit to Harbin, the northeastern city of China.

This is not the first time that North Korea is testing such powerful missiles. Even before this, Kim Jong has been continuously firing such missiles and rockets. 

Kim Jong Un has been preparing his army for war for the last several months. Many times he had issued instructions to the army to prepare for war. 

It is believed that North Korea is continuously upgrading its weapons to compete with America. 

This came a day after South Korea and US holds joint aerial exercise with advanced fighter planes.