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Our Covid Vaccine Can Cause TTS Side Effects: AstraZeneca in UK Court


AstraZeneca, the Covid Vccine  manufacturer, has admitted for the first time in its court documents given in the UK (United Kingdom) High Court that its Covid-19 vaccine may cause rare side effects like TTS. 

Let us tell you that AstraZeneca vaccine was sold in many countries under the brand names Covishield and Vaxzeveria.

Thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS) causes blood clotting in the body. Due to formation of blood clot in the body, a person's chances of having brain stroke and cardiac arrest increases. Apart from this, this syndrome can also become a reason for platelets falling in the body.

Let us tell you that AstraZeneca company is facing a class-action lawsuit. This lawsuit was filed by a man named Jamie Scott, who suffered brain damage in April 2021 after taking the AstraZeneca vaccine developed in collaboration with the University of Oxford. 

Apart from this, many other families had also complained in the court that after taking the vaccine, they had to face side effects. Now these families are demanding compensation for the problems they faced regarding the vaccine.

The AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine is no longer given in the UK due to safety issues. Now that the pharmaceutical company has accepted the rare side effects caused by this vaccine, the affected individuals and family members are also demanding appropriate compensation for the side effects caused by the vaccine.

However, even after accepting the side effects caused by the vaccine, the company is opposing the claims of diseases or ill effects caused by it.