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Pakistan Raised Issue of CAA, Rammandir, RSS Issues. India Gives Befitting Replay

In a veiled attack on Pakistan at the UN General Assembly, India said Islamabad has the most dubious track record in all aspects. Earlier, Pakistan's permanent representative in the United Nations had commented about India.

This comment from India came as a reaction after Pakistan's Permanent Representative to the United Nations Munir Akram had mentioned Kashmir, BJP, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and Indian Muslims while commenting against India.

In her address on the agenda item 'Culture of Peace' at the UN General Assembly meeting, Ruchira Kamboj said that the culture of peace is deeply rooted in India's rich history, diverse traditions and profound philosophical principles. She described the principle of non-violence as the basis of India's commitment towards peace.
She said:

As we strive to develop a culture of peace amid these challenging times, our focus remains on constructive dialogue.

We have thus decided to set aside the comments of a certain delegation, which not only lack decorum but also hinder our collective efforts due to their destructive and harmful nature.

We would strongly encourage that delegation to engage with the essential principles of respect and diplomacy that should always guide our discussions or is it too much to ask of a country that has been on the most dubious track of itself in all aspects. Keeps records.

In he remarks, Kamboj said India is concerned by the increasing attacks on churches, monasteries, gurudwaras, mosques, temples and synagogues and said these acts require a swift and united response from the global community.

It is therefore important that our discussions consider these issues candidly as opposed to political exigencies. We must tackle these challenges head-on and ensure they are resolved. It is the center of our policy, dialogue and international engagements, she said.

India's envoy to the United Nations said terrorism is in direct opposition to the culture of peace and creates discord and gives rise to hostility. She called for the member countries to work together to promote a genuine culture of peace.

She also said,

I would also say that terrorism is in direct opposition to the culture of peace and the core teachings of all religions, which advocate compassion, understanding and co-existence.

It creates discord, hostility and undermines the universal values ​​of respect and harmony that underpin cultural and religious traditions throughout the world.

It is essential for Member States to work together actively to promote a genuine culture of peace and to see the world as one united family, as my country strongly believes.

She emphasized that peace is of paramount importance in today's global scenario. he adds,

It supports dialogue over discord, urging nations to promote diplomacy and communication above confrontation or war. This is especially relevant as we are dealing with ongoing conflicts around the world that demand open communication dialogue and mutual respect to establish lasting peace, she saud.

Kamboj said that keeping in mind its civilizational values, India is dedicated to maintaining the ideals of humanity, democracy and non-violence. Ruchira Kamboj concluded his address with a profound quote from the Holy Bhagavad Gita, which encapsulates the essence of a culture of peace.