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Pekuchhara, Panisagar: Administration Forcefully Evicting Non-tribal Refugees

Administration become inhuman regarding the refugees issue sheltered in Pekuchhara under Panisagar Sub-division of Tripura.

There is no provision of food, drinking water in the camp during last few days. The administration has become so inhumane that it have blocked the road by placing bamboo barricades at the entrance to this non tribal refugee camp. If any kind of incident occurs in the camp, the situation will be dire, yet questions have been raised as to why the entrance to the camp has been blocked. 

On Saturday, the administration forcibly evicted some refugees from the camp. On Friday, a team led by MLAs Islam Uddin and Shailendra Chandra Nath visited the Pekuchhara refugee camp. They talk to the refugees sheltered in the Pekuchhara forest. 

Earlier, local MLA Vinay Bhushan Das visited the refugee camp but did not take any initiative to provide food or drinking water to the helpless refugees. 

On Saturday, a few policemen were seen entering the refugee camp of the  Pekuchhara.

The road to the camp has been blocked with newly constructed barricades. But there is no permanent source of food. Most of the sheltered refugees are landless. 

Surprisingly, the sub-divisional administration does not have an accurate account of how many refugee families have come and sheltered in this reserved forest. 

Meanwhile, on Saturday, they tried to evacuate the people who had taken refuge in the Pekuchhara forest. Some refugees were forcibly evicted on Saturday. 

However, all the helpless refugees could not be evicted from the forest. No political party has spent a word on food, drinking water, medicine or security of the refugees. 

Moreover, the administration is forcing the refugees as they are non-tribals. The non-tribal refugees are  spending the night in the camp on Saturday. 

In the evening, darkness descends on the camp. Hurricane or torch is the only hope. Apart from various wild animals, venomous reptiles roam freely in the forest. 

Mosquitoes are buzzing in the shade of trees during the day. Toilet, bath water is far away, even drinking water is not available. They have to quench  thirst with the water of the nearby stream. The families are still half-starved in the forest as a few voluntary organizations provide some food aid. 

It is clear to see the sad faces that they are not having food properly. 

The temporary huts or tents in the camp are uninhabitable. Will destroy  in a storm at any time. No toilet. 

But in Kanchanchhara Manumanpui area of ​​Kanchanpur subdivision, some people of tribal community have been occupying land as refugees for two years. The administration is silent about them.