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People Are in Dire Straits in Hill Areas: Tripura Opposition Leader Writes to CS

"People are in dire straits in remote hill towns of the state. Job, food, drinking water, electricity road condition is poor".

Mentioning this opposition leader in Tripura Lagislative Assembly Jitendra Chowdhury has sought the intervention of the Chief Secretary to protect the distressed people in this situation. 

In a letter to the Chief Secretary  the opposition leader drew attention to this matter.

Opposition leader Mr Chowdhury recently visited the remote areas of Thalchra, Gobindabari, 32 mile etc in Chamnu block area under Dhalai District of Tripura. 

The Leader of Opposition was accompanied by four other CPI(M) MLAs Shailendra Chandra Nath, Ramu Das, Nayan Sarkar and Sudip Sarkar. 

The leader of the opposition told the chief secretary that the situation is very alarming after talking to the local people and learning about their livelihood. 

The letter also highlighted the need for immediate government assistance to bring them out of this dire situation.

The opposition leader told the chief secretary that during the visit, the local people said that they have not been getting REGA work for 6 months. It is very unfortunate. People are forced to cross international borders to collect forest food and other materials from dense forests to save their lives from starvation. Due to renovation and lack of electricity, most sources of drinking water have become useless. 

It would be impossible for transportation by the road from 23 mile to Thalchara during the monsoon.

On the other hand, there is a possibility that the communication will be completely cut off during monsoon. 

"The general health condition is also critical. Malaria is sporadic. One has already died. Preventive measures need to be taken immediately so that this disease does not spread further during monsoon" he mentioned.

Jitendra Chowdhury said in the letter, not only Gobindabari, Thalcharai but Dashada, Damchara, Jampui, Laljuri, Ganganagar, Raishyabari, Raimavally, Ompi, Amarpur, Shilachari, Rupaichari, Mungiakami, Tulashikhar and some other blocks have almost similar situation. People are not getting money for various social allowances regularly. People who are already in distress are being harassed again in the name of Job Card KYC. In the name of KYC, agents of various banks keep Rs 50 to 150 from them. Neither ADC, Agriculture Department nor Tribal Welfare Department helped Jumias a single penny for jum cultivation. However, the Jumias are struggling through adverse weather conditions and financial woes. 

Jitendra Chowdhury has also requested the Chief Secretary to personally take initiative to solve the problem by realizing the importance of the poor living conditions and the situation in the hill areas.