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Petrol Crisis on Top in Tripura. Public Blocked national Highway in Ambassa

Fuel crisis in Tripura has taken serious shape. Petrol in particular has become as expensive and scarce as gold. 

However, consumers complain that there is a lot of petrol in the black market at the price of Rs 200 to 300  per liter! The crisis has been ongoing in Tripura for more than ten days due to landslides on the hilly national highway of Sonarpur in Assam and the derailment of goods trains in Lamding. 

Government officials have started meeting with traders to control the upstream market of daily essential products including potatoes and onions. 

The government keeps at least three months of stockpiles of essential commodities including petrol and diesel every year during this monsoon season. 

This year, the failure of the administration has come to light. In the beginning, the administration leaders did not pay much attention to the crisis, but the Chief Minister Dr. Manik Saha requested quick intervention. 

Railway Minister also assured to normalize rail communication within two to three days. But the situation has not improved yet. 

Road transport of petrol was stopped and only petrol diesel was being brought by rail. Now two or three oil tankers are being brought by road as cargo trains are stopped. 

But even then, most of the oil pumps in the state, including Agartala, are dry. 

"No petrol" boards are hanging everywhere. In Agartala, hundreds of bikes and scooters are queuing up to get petrol at one or two pumps every now and then. 

According to the government directives, only two hundred rupees' petrol is being given for two-wheelers. That's why the long line is on the street. 

Petrol priced which is Rs 97.56 in the pump was Rs 160 a liter in the black market five days ago. Now its Rs two and a half to Rs three hundred. 

In Ambasa on Thursday, vehicle drivers blocked the national highway for not getting petrol diesel. They complained that a tanker of oil arrived on Wednesday night. After waiting in line for a few hours, it is said that it will be given in the morning. At four o'clock in the morning, when they come for a line, they were told that there is no oil! Their question, where is the petrol? 

Police and administration officials came and arranged to lift the blockade. Meanwhile, there are allegations that some pump-owners are hiding petrol. They think that the price of oil will go up a lot once the Lok Sabha elections are over.