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Players Stages Protest in Agartala Against Secretary of the Badminton Association

Badminton players of Tripura staged agitation protest in front of the Badminton Association office in Agartala against the banning of players. 

Players also demanded the arrest of the secretary of the Badminton Association of Tripura.

Informing this issue  players said that the Badminton Association of India-affiliated Badminton Association of India led by Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sharma had been declared illegal and a new committee was formed. 

The Badminton Association of India declared them illegal when the state sent teams to compete at the national level, and filed a case against them in the Patiala High Court in Delhi. 

Protesting against it the players staged agitation demanding the resignation of  Badminton Association secretary Sanjib Saha. 

They also claim that the committee headed by Sanjib Saha was formed during the election which is illegal. They also demanded the immediate resignation of all members of the committee including Saha. 

Players also said that there are several financial allegations against this committee and a case has already been filed in the court.