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PM Modi Attacked BJD Govt in Odisha Rally

While addressing a public meeting in Balasore, Odisha, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has once again launched a major attack on Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik and the BJD government. 

PM Modi said that in the last 25 years, there has been a lot of corruption and scams in the BJD government. When our government comes to power, all these scams and corruptions will be exposed one by one. 

He said that not only the scams that happened in the BJD government during the last 25 years, but all the scams that happened during the Congress government before that will also be exposed.

Prime Minister Modi said that Odisha is a state where there is natural wealth and prosperity everywhere but Odisha, which is rich in mineral wealth, remained backward only because Congress looted it first and then BJD leaders have been looting it for the last 25 years. 

Along with this, he said that the departure of BJD government is certain on 4th June, after which BJP's CM is also certain to be elected here on 10th June.

Prime Minister Modi has once again taken a dig at BJD while discussing the health of Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik. He said that today Naveen Babu's well-wishers are very worried seeing his health. People want to know why his health is suddenly deteriorating since last one year?

Along with this, he also said that when our government comes, a special committee will be formed. This committee will investigate and tell how Naveen Babu's health deteriorated? Is there any conspiracy behind this?

The Prime Minister said that for the development of Odisha, a double engine government is necessary here too. When there will be a BJP government in both Delhi and Bhubaneswar, development will take place at a fast pace here. 

The PM said that the government in Odisha has not done anything for the fishermen either. He said that the mission of our government is to strengthen the fisheries sector. Our government has worked to improve the lives of fishermen.

Prime Minister Modi said that Odisha lagged behind because Congress and BJD did not do any development work here. BJD neither set up any industry here nor created any other employment opportunity.

PM Modi said that in the last ten years, self-reliance is being seen in every field in India. He said that earlier no one had thought that peace would come to Jammu and Kashmir, today democracy is being celebrated there, the voting percentage has broken all previous records here. The wait of 500 years in Ayodhya is over. Self-reliant India is emerging in every field.

PM Modi said that ten years ago people thought it was impossible to stop scams, but we have run a scam-free government in 10 years. 

He said that people thought terrorism cannot be stopped but we have made the country's big cities free from bomb blasts.