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PM Modi Making Hindu-Muslim Statements Daily. Promoting Hatred. He Should Leave Public Life: Kharge

Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge held a press conference in Chandigarh on Tuesday. During this, Alka Lamba, Haryana Congress leader Bhupendra Singh Hooda, Haryana Congress President Uday Bhan, Chandigarh Congress President HS Lucky and Congress candidate from Chandigarh Manish Tiwari were also present. 

In the conference, Kharge said that  Congress is working to save democracy. Modi ji tells us the opposite. We are fighting to save the constitution and he is saying that Congress will try to change the constitution. Modi ji is saying that Congress will distribute the property of the people but we were in power for 55 years, what did we do like that. We did not pull anyone's mangalsutra. He says that Congress will find out your property by doing an X-ray.

Kharge said, “We will fulfill our 5 justices and our 25 guarantees. We are also getting support from our alliance partners. We will take the MNREGA wages to Rs 400. We will extend the days of MNREGA and bring schemes like MNREGA in urban areas also. Under the Food Security Act, we will give 10 kg rice free. There should be a complete investigation regarding electoral bonds”.

Meanwhile on this day Kharge said news agency PTI that Prime Minister Modi's intentions are not clear as he is giving hate speeches every day with Hindu-Muslim rhetoric during the election campaign. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is making Hindu-Muslim statements daily and promoting hatred in the society, due to which he should leave public life.

He said that the Prime Minister talks about snatching buffaloes and giving 15 percent of the budget to Muslims and by saying such things he himself is creating division in the society.

The Congress President said, on the other hand he claimed that if he talks about Hindu-Muslim then he has no right to be in public life. As you do such things everyday, you should leave public life. He urged Modi to see the record of his speeches on Hindu-Muslim and also said that he is lying on this also.

Kharge said, at least he should stick to what he has said. He doesn't even admit his mistake and doesn't even apologize. On one hand he says such things, while on the other hand he says that if he did this then he would not be fit to live in public life. Modi had earlier told a TV channel that if he discriminates between Hindus and Muslims, he has no right to be in public life.