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'Reject Proponents of Lies': Sonia Gandhi To Voters

Amidst the third phase of Lok Sabha elections in the country, Congress leader Sonia Gandhi has made an emotional appeal to the people of the country. She has released a video message and appealed to the people of the country to vote in favor of Congress. 

During this time she was also seen attacking BJP. She said, 'My dear brothers and sisters... today youth in every corner of the country are facing unemployment, atrocities on women, Dalits, tribals, backward people and minorities are facing severe discrimination.' 

Sonia further said, 'Such an environment is because of the intentions of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP. Their focus is only on gaining power at any cost. He has promoted hatred for political gains".

The Congress leader further said, 'The Congress Party and I have always struggled for the progress of all and justice for the underprivileged as well as to strengthen the country.' 

She further said, 'The purpose of our Nyaya Patra and our guarantees is also to keep the country united and to give strength to the poor, women, farmers, workers and deprived communities. The Congress and India alliance is dedicated to protecting the Constitution and democracy. Vote for Congress for a bright future for all and together build a strong and united India."

Sonia Gandhi said, 'The sight of our Constitution and democracy being in danger, the poor being left behind and the fabric of our society being weakened fills me with pain.' 

She said, 'Today I once again ask for your support. Our 'Nyaya Patra' (manifesto) and guarantees are aimed at uniting our country and working for the poor, youth, women, farmers, workers and deprived communities of India. Congress and the constituent parties of the opposition alliance 'India' are committed to protecting the Constitution and democracy."

BJP leader and Union Minister Rajiv Chandrashekhar has hit back at the video of Congress Parliamentary Party President Sonia Gandhi. 

Rajiv Chandrashekhar said, 'This is a very strange video because she is a woman, who ran the UPA government for ten years between 2004 and 2014. The UPA government destroyed the economy, set unprecedented records in corruption and destroyed livelihoods and jobs at a pace India had never seen before.' 

The Union Minister said that she says that there is unemployment. She is lying again. She said she knows that only those states where there is INDIA alliance have the highest unemployment. Coalition-ruled states have the highest food prices and inflation. Even today the prices of petrol and diesel in those states are higher than the rest of the country. 

The Union Minister said that she talks about protecting the Constitution, knowing very well that in the last ten years, India has become one of the symbols of democracy for the world.