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Russia Displays Dangerous Weapons in Victory Day Parade

There is a war going on between Russia and Ukraine. Western countries are continuously helping Ukraine. At the same time, Putin is threatening the entire NATO including America. Meanwhile, Russia organized its Victory Day parade. An exhibition of dangerous weapons was shown in this parade by Russia.
Russia holds Victory Day parade amid war with Ukraine. Meanwhile, Russian President Putin on Thursday accused Western countries of escalating the conflict. Along with this he said that no one is allowed to threaten the world's largest nuclear power.

Victory Day Parade is organized in Russia to remember the victory of Soviet troops over Nazi forces during the Second World War. He criticized Western elites for the important role the Soviet Army played in defeating Nazi Germany. Also accused it of instigating war in the world.

Speaking on Red Square amid a rare snowstorm in May, Putin highlighted Russia's commitment to preventing global conflict. 

He said, 'Russia will do everything to prevent global conflict.'

Putin also justified Russia's actions in Ukraine through his statements. He described it as an attempt to reclaim historically linked areas. However, Ukraine and Western countries consider Russia's actions imperialist.

Russia displayed destructive weapons during a parade in Moscow amid tensions with Western countries. It showcased military hardware including the Yars intercontinental strategic missile and the T-34 tank, which is a symbol of Russia's military capabilities. 

However, fewer tanks were seen than before the war, as most were in combat.

Earlier on Wednesday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova had said in a statement that if Western countries stop providing military supplies to Ukraine, the Ukraine conflict will end in two weeks.