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Some Trying to Mislead Our Indiginous Youths: Pradyot Over CAA in Tripura

Founder of Tipra Motha party, (ally of ruling BJP Government in Tripura) Royal Scion Pradyot Kishore Debbarman reacts over the Citizen Amendment Act CAA.

In this regard Pradyot mentioned that Some people are trying to mislead our Indiginous youth.

Through his Social Media platform Pradyot mentioned that:

Spoken to the officials at the home ministry and they assured that not only in tripura but in all the 6th schedule areas of Northeast no CAA can or will be implemented as per law.

Some people are trying to mislead our Indiginous youth by saying that CAA will allow illegal immigrants to get legal status in our ADC areas . 

Who are these people what is their agenda ? I am quite sad that this Propoganda by some political people are not being addressed by the state government. 

All of the parties who want to play vote bank politics will one day have to answer why a Tiprasa majority state became a state where the son of the soil became a minority ! 

Not a single person who has illegally entered our country can be given legal status in our 6th schedule areas.

The government of India should clarify their position and not allow certain people to create a situation where panic is created ! 

( Kindly note those who will call me names again I am quoting the law passed in the parliament which clearly states all 6th schedule CAA will not be applicable ) we are not against anyone but in the end this is the reason we want our land rights.

Tripura government has taken a big step regarding the Citizenship (Amendment) Act CAA 2019. The government has formed a committee to provide Indian citizenship to migrants from Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Buddhist, Parsi and Christian communities who came to India on or before December 31, 2014 due to persecution from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan under CAA. Have decided.

Meanwhile Tripura government has constituted a six-member state level committee under the chairmanship of the Director of Census Operations to grant citizenship. Director of Census Operations Ravindra Reang told PTI, “Following the guidelines of the Home Ministry, a state-level empowered committee has been formed to grant Indian citizenship under CAA.”

Reang also told PTI that all district magistrates in Tripura have been directed to form district-level empowered committees to receive applications under the CAA and scrutinize them before sending them to the state-level committee. He further said that those who remain under the Sixth Schedule are not eligible to apply for citizenship under the Act.

Explaining about the people taking citizenship, Reang said, “Only those who have come from three specific countries due to religious persecution and have taken refuge in non-Sixth Schedule areas like municipalities, nagar panchayats and gram panchayats of Agartala are eligible to become Indians under CAA. Will be eligible to apply for citizenship.”

Notably almost two months after issuing the rules of the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, the central government on Wednesday issued the first set of citizenship certificates. Union Home Secretary Ajay Kumar Bhalla has handed over citizenship certificates to some applicants. According to a statement from the Union Home Ministry, the Home Secretary congratulated the applicants and highlighted the salient features of the Citizenship (Amendment) Rules 2024.