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Sourav's Call: Wriddhiman Saha to Leave Tripura. To Join Bengal Cricket Team

Wriddhiman Saha is all set to leave Tripura Cricket team going to play once again for the Bengal team. 

He joined Tripura Cricket team as a mentor and cricketer in 2022. But performance of both Tripura and Wriddhi is remarkable in domestic cricket. 

Except one match, Wriddhi too did not have a performance to mention. Even in IPL, his performance was not seen much. 

According to media report Wriddhiman went to Sourav Gangopadhyay's house with his wife Romi on an invitation on Monday. 

There Saurabh told him to return to Bengal and Wriddhi accepted the offer. When Wriddhi left Bengal, CAB repeatedly requested him to stay. But Riddhi went to Tripura with NOC. 

And before leaving, he told reporters, 'I was requested before. Still being requested. But whatever decision to take, I have taken. So I took the NOC.' 

But after taking the decision to return, Wriddhiman said, 'I have no problem with CAB. There is no ego battle either. May be there was a little ego battle with someone. Everything is settled.'