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Suicide Attack on Chinese Engineers Was planned in Afghanistan: Pakisthan

Relations between Taliban and China have seen improvement in the last few days. Meanwhile, Pakistan has made a big claim which can sour the relations between Taliban and China. 

Major General Ahmed Sharif, DG of Pakistan's Inter-Services Public Relations, said that Afghanistan's soil is being used against Pakistan. 

He claimed that the suicide attack targeting Chinese engineers in March was planned in Afghanistan. The terrorists were being controlled from Afghanistan and the attacker was also an Afghan.

Sharif said, 'On March 2, a tragic incident occurred in Bisham where a suicide bomber targeted a car of Chinese engineers working on the Dasu Dam, resulting in the death of five Chinese nationals and one Pakistani national. This suicide bombing is linked to Afghanistan across the border. This terrorist attack was planned in Afghanistan. The terrorists and their helpers were being controlled from Afghanistan and the attacker was also an Afghan citizen.'

In March, there was a suicide attack on a convoy of Chinese engineers in Bisham tehsil in Shangla, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, in which five Chinese engineers were killed. After the attack, Shahbaz Sharif ran to the Chinese Embassy. 

The Chinese Embassy had asked Pakistan to give strict punishment to the culprits of this attack. Sharif further said in the statement, 'TTP terrorists are continuously carrying out terrorist attacks.' 

He said that our soldiers have been killed in large numbers in the war against terrorism. Everyone knows that Pakistan has tried its best for peace in the region and especially in Afghanistan.

Pakistan has given this information related to the attack on Chinese citizens at a time when China and Taliban are coming closer. 

Taliban came to power after America's withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021. China has not recognized the Taliban government. But its ambassador has been welcomed. In January, the Afghan ambassador appointed by the interim Taliban administration gave his credentials to Jinping. 

Sharif reiterated that Afghanistan's land is being used against Pakistan by TTP. He reminded the Taliban that they had agreed that Afghan soil would not be used against Pakistan.