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Temperature To Hit 40 Degree In Tripura In Next 72 Hours: Warns MET Department

Meteorological office has issued severe heat warning in Tripura. This means the heat may reach extreme levels on the day of the first phase of Lok Sabha polls in the state.

In that case, it is feared that the heat may reach 39° 40° Celsius. Meanwhile, the mercury in the capital Agartala stood at around 38.4° Celsius during last 24 hours. Which was 4.7° Celsius above normal. 

On Tuesday, the humidity was the highest at 93 percent. Tuesday felt very hot. However, after afternoon, the sky was suddenly covered with black clouds, but there was no rain. 

According to the local forecast, on Wednesday's temperature may hover around 36 Degree Celsius.

Meanwhile, the Meteorological Department has issued an extreme heat warning in the state for the next four days. 

On Tuesday, the mercury rose above 38° Celsius. Which is 3/4 Celsius higher than normal. During this time, the public is advised to take precautionary measures to avoid heatstroke.

According to the doctors do not leave the house at noon without urgent need. When going out, use an umbrella, cover your eyes and mouth with cloth, and drink plenty of water. Doctors also said to take precautions like drinking ORS, taking extra care of children etc.