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Thousands Participates in The Last Journey of Iranian President Raisi

The helicopter of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi crashed near the border of Azerbaijan. 

The Iranian President died in the accident. The whole of Iran is in mourning after the death of Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi

Thousands of his supporters reached his last journey. People arrived wearing black clothes for the last farewell of the Iranian President. Sadness were clearly visible on people's faces. 

Heavily armed guards were monitoring the crowd. During this, Iranian officials gave a speech bidding farewell to their leader. Apart from this, condolence music was played and prayers were also offered for the deceased leader.

He was traveling in an American-made Bell 212 helicopter, which crashed on Sunday. 

The debris of the crashed helicopter was found on Monday. Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdullahi and seven other people were also killed in the accident. Rescue teams were able to find it hours later due to a foggy storm. 

On Tuesday morning, mourners were seen carrying Iranian flags and photos of Raisi. Others also held the Palestinian flag, which shows Iran's support for Hamas.

The coffins of President Raisi, the Foreign Minister and other officials were on a truck. It was decorated with white flowers. The residents of the area from where the truck was passing came close and touched the coffin. 

According to the report of news agency AP, Tehran resident Hasti Amiri said, 'We were worried since we heard the news of the crash. We were just wondering what happened to them or to our country. When we heard the news of his death, we are devastated. Another resident said that we have lost a powerful leader."

All government offices and businesses remained closed in Iran on Tuesday. 

Apart from this, state mourning was declared in India also on the death of Iranian President. Raisi will be buried in his hometown Mashhad on Thursday. 

A video has surfaced in which a Turkish blogger named Adam has reached the crash site. In this he says that after the accident the helicopter broke into three parts. The front part of the helicopter is burnt. 

He expressed suspicion that perhaps the pilot died due to burns. The front part of the helicopter is deep into the forest, down to the slope, where access is not allowed.