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Tripura: Degree Colleges Suffering For Faculty Shortage. Report

Students studying in 25 general degree colleges under Tripura Government are suffering due to teacher shortage. 

As a result, various questions have been raised about the 4-year bachelor's degree courses in the state. 

However, the guidelines of the University Grants Commission are not being followed in the state. Therefore, the quality of the colleges is at the bottom in the statistics of the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAC). 

As a result, the anger of the students has reached the peak. According to the Higher Education Department, about 80 professors were appointed in 25 general degree colleges of the state government in the last six years. 

Although UGC has a student teacher ratio of 25:1, currently around 1281 teachers are required in 25 general degree colleges. 

However, it is easy to imagine what is going on in the  higher education in the state. And about 50 thousand students are paying for this. 

At present the number of UGC recognized working professors in the colleges is only about 481. 

Meanwhile, professors are retiring every month. Meanwhile, many teachers are leaving their jobs and joining central universities.

As a result teacher crisis is increasing every month. And as a result of this, classes are not held in classrooms for 180 days as per the rules of UGC semester system. 

In this regard, the state is lagging behind. Complaints that the current government has canceled the process of appointment of professors to 182 posts through the Tripura Public Service Commission in 2017. 

Recruitment stopped for about 3 years after that. In 2021, only 35 teachers were recruited for the twenty-two general degree colleges at that time. 

Then in 2022, 36 more people were recruited. Along with this, some Kokborok teachers have also been appointed. 

However, despite the shortage of teachers, the new National Education Policy has come into effect in the state and 4-year bachelor's degree courses have been launched. 

But regular lectures are not taking place in colleges. There is intense anger among the students. 

Due to the shortage of teachers, the students studying in the science department are in the worst condition.

Students are not having practical class even in one semester. Practical classes are closed in district, sub-divisional colleges of the state. The same is true of Honors and Pass Course classes in 25 General Degree Colleges. 

According to sources in the Higher Education Department, state government general degree colleges do not have teacher educators as per University Grants Commission rules for a long time. 

As a result, the state is also violating the UGC's 25:1 student-teacher ratio norms. 

However, in 2023, three more general degree colleges were launched in the state. The teacher crisis in the new colleges is also in dire straits. The government is busy starting one college after another without the recruitment process. 

In these four colleges of the capital Agartala, honors classes are not being held properly due to shortage of teachers. And the condition of thousands of students studying in pass courses is even worse. 

Due to the shortage of professors , the general degree colleges in the district and Sub-division are completely closed. Colleges do not even have guest teachers. The surprising thing is that there are thousands of NET, SLET, Ph.D. youths in the state on the streets for jobs.