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Tripura Govt Withdraws Order to Cap Sale of Fuel. Issues Notification

Food Department, Government of Tripura has withdrawn the rationing of petrol-diesel . This was announced in a statement issued on Wednesday ie May15.

According to the statement, "due to improvement in import and supply of petroleum products in the state, the current restrictions on sale of petrol and diesel have been withdrawn".

The state government had imposed restrictions on the purchase of petrol and diesel due to emergency circumstances in the state from May 1. 

In the order given to petrol pumps, it was said that they should sell only 60 liters of diesel to one bus in a day. Whereas this limit is 40 liters for mini buses and 15 liters for auto rickshaws and three-wheelers.

Let us tell you that due to large scale land sliding in Jatinga, Assam, goods trains coming to Tripura were facing problems and had been disrupted.