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Tripura: Helpless '10323' Sacked Techer Appeals to Govt From Hospital Bed

10323 job less teachers are suffering a lot in Tripura. Madhav Debnath, a dismissed teacher, is facing  difficult moment. He is a resident of West Noagaon area under West Tripura District. 

Due to liver disease, he sold a part of his house, then with that money he went out of the state for treatment and returned home.

But Madhav Debnath could not recover. Then, unable to get treatment, his family took a loan of Rs 2 lakh from the bank. He could not recover after treatment with that money. He is currently undergoing treatment at GBP Hospital for the past eight days. Paying medical expenses with borrowed money is about to end. He is now weak mantaly also. Fighting with death every day. 

Sitting in the hospital bed he said - "The government did not say anything! If the job was there, maybe the treatment would have been a little easier. The struggle to survive in life was not so difficult. But selling the house and taking a loan from the bank moreover everything is about end. But I could not recover. won't live anymore"

How will the family meet this loan? These question was being asked  by the sacked teacher in tears. 

Madhav Debnath's wife Ratna Debnath couldn't hold back tears anymore. It wasn't meant to be. The family is financially broken day by day due to loss of job. 

"The husband has been under treatment in the hospital for eight days. There is no more money in the bag to pay medical expenses. Loans are there. If Chief Minister Dr. Manik Saha extends his hand of cooperation, it will be able to treat the husband" she said. 

Notably in 2014, the Tripura High Court had canceled the appointment of 10,323 teachers saying that they were recruited wrongly. These teachers were appointed through different recruitments. These include teachers at graduate, undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

The fired teachers went to the Supreme Court against the High Court's decision. The Supreme Court's decision came in 2017. Here too, these teachers got a shock and the Supreme Court upheld the decision of the Tripura High Court. The state government tried to do damage control and kept about 8000 teachers on ad hoc basis till 31 March 2020. After March 31, these teachers again became unemployed. Till now 172 sacked teachers died prematurely.