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Tripura: Leftist Student Youth Organizations Holds Agitation Rally Against Vidyajyoti Results

Leftist students Youths organizations SFI, TSU, DYFI and TYF have jointly launched agitation protest programs statewide against 'poor education, health and law and order in Tripura'. Moreover they asked to the Chief Minister whether CM resign.

The chief minister is being blamed for the failure of this anarchy. Besides, the left student youth organizations have demanded the resignation of the Chief Minister. 

A protest rally was organized in Agartala on Tuesday afternoon. DYFI Tripura state president Palash Bhowmik, state secretary Navarun Deb and other organization leaders were present there.

Palash Bhowmik said that:

The leftists have come to the streets by drawing the government's attention to the poor law and order issues related to education, health and employment. 

"Because of the unemployment crisis in this state, the education system has completely collapsed. Especially after the announcement of Vidyajyoti school results, parents are worried. The health service is in a state of collapse. There is an acute shortage of doctors and health workers. There is also acute shortage of medicines in major referral hospitals of the state. 

Also, incidents of theft, dacoity and robbery have increased even in city Agartala. And in this situation, the state cabinet members are busy with the campaign of West Bengal. 

The current government is destroying talent, stopping recruitment, and has a terrible conspiracy to addict of drug to the new generation.

Notable that 70% failed recorded in total 125 Vidyajyoti Schools under CBSE in Board Exams this year. Opposition CPIM is protesting Vidyajyoti scheme of government till from the first alleging that there is no sufficient infrastructure in schools for such scheme.