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Tripura: Radio Collaring of Wild Elephants Begins in Teliamura

The forest department launched a campaign to wear radio collars on wild elephants as common citizens of the densely populated areas of Teliamura sub-division are suffering from attacks by wild elephant.

There have been demands for protection from wild elephant attacks in various areas of Teliamura sub-division for a long time. Several people have lost their lives in various areas including North Maharani, Kapali Basti of Teliamura sub-division in the past few days due to attacks of wild elephants. 

People's houses along with crops etc have been destroyed. Various types of agitations, roadblocks, deputations are given by the local residents for a permanent solution. Every time assurances were also given by the administration. But in practically no action was taken against it.

Finally, on Sunday, the department was seen resuming the nearly year-old failed initiative to save people from elephant attacks. 

Among the group of elephants there is one elephant named Moti who is more aggressive. It is reported that there has been a loss of life due to it's attack. 

A large team of the forest department has embarked on a campaign for radio-collar to this aggressive moti. Starting from Atharmura jungle, the team  went out in wide areas including DM Colony, North Maharanipur for radio collar to moti.

This operation started from Sunday morning. Officials of the forest department said that the campaign will continue until this work is successful. Dr. Kaushal Kanwar Sharma/Padma Shri Awardee, Dean, Veterinary College, Assam, Dr. RK Samal, IFS Chief Wildlife Warden, Tripura Forest Department, Dr. Akshay Borde IFS, Khowai District Forest Officer and others were on this day's expedition.

However, the question remains that the villagers have been suffering from the rampage of wild elephants for about 25-30 years. Every now and then, groups of other species of elephants are rampaging and harming the villagers and there are many cases of death. 

Since the beginning of the elephant rampage, Teliamura Forest Department has been working like a stone in the dark. Despite spending billions of rupees from the government treasury and taking various steps at different times, there is no result. 

According to a section of the general public, it is far from driving away the elephants, but the production of elephants is increasing day by day. Because the forest department could not come up with any solution for 25-30 years. 

In other words, Teliamura Forest Department failed to protect the villagers from elephant attacks. Now it is to be seen how successful this initiative taken by the forest department to protect the local people from the rampage of wild elephants.