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Tripura: Two Arrested With Burmese Cigarette From Panisagar

Tripura Police seized burmese cigarettes worth Rs eight lakh in a raid based on secret information. Two youths have also been arrested involved in this case..

According to the details of the incident, police received a tip-off that some drug dealers are going to smuggle drug paraphernalia by car at Narendra Nagar area. 

Based on that information, the police of Panisagar police station recovered 20 cartons of Burmese cigarettes from a car having number S01B1547 on Tuesday morning. 

"Each carton contains 10,000 cigarette packs. The estimated value of which is around 8 lakh rupees" police said

Police managed to arrest two people. One of the arrested identified as Rahul Nandi (22) and the other one is Rabindra Sarkar (30). Police of Panisagar police station have started questioning the two arrested