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Tripura: Waterborne Diseases Spreading in Khowai ADC Villages

Outbreaks of various water borne diseases including malaria, meningitis have been reported in various ADC village areas of Khowai sub-division in Tripura. 

It is reported that the prevalence of these diseases is high in Tulasikhar block area. It has created panic in the area as well as other areas.

Malaria, meningitis are reported to be spreading rapidly in Badlabari, Purvabadlabari, Falkabari, Ujan Falkabari, Petramura, Binan Hazari Para, Yajna Cobra Para etc areas.

From children to elderly people, people of all ages are affected by these diseases. The prevalence of the disease is known only through blood tests.

In response to questions from the media, MOIC of Champahaor Primary Health Center Dr. Alak Debbarma and Dr. Tapas Sarkar, the in-charge physician of Ayushman Department of Tulashikhar Primary Health Center  admitted this. 

They claim that the initiative to cure the disease by conducting health camps in the affected areas is continuing. 

He said that there is a problem in conducting health camps in all those areas due to lack of vehicles. There are also shortages of required numbers of health workers. 

Even though  mosquito nets have been distributed, it has been reported that many people are not willing to use them.

It is reported that there is a shortage of drinking water in the concerned area. Residents are not getting  drinking water as the water sources are not working properly. As a result, many are relying on spring water which spreading the disease quickly.