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Tripura: Woman Sold Newborn Due to Poverty in Gandachhara


This incident of selling children due to lack and starvation came in light from Gandachhara Sub-Divisional hospital under Dhalai Tripura District.

According to the report the husband committed suicide five months ago due to scarcity. Now wife Marmari Tripura has given her piece of heart to someone else for only Rs five thousand. 

On May 22, the mother gave birth to a daughter named Marmari Tripura. The needy mother's home is in Taraban Colony of North Gandachhara ADC Village. 

Answering the question of media the mother said in front of the camera that she was forced to sell her one-day-old daughter for only Rs five thousand. There was no other way open to her under the pressure of poverty. 

According to the report the family of husband and wife with four children was going not well. Unable to bear the pain of poverty, husband Purnajoy Tripura committed suicide five months ago. The family become helpless. It was difficult to survive with four children collecting wood and vegetables from the forest.

Moreover she took loan by mortgaging the ration card to run the family. That too is over. She was not getting government ration either.

After her husband's death, she went to the Gandachhara Sub-Divisional Hospital for an abortion. The doctor did not agree to kill the five-month-old fetus. On the one hand, the legal provisions related to medical treatment, on the other hand, the desperate plea of ​​a needy mother. 

Dr. Binay Debbarma, the doctor of the hospital kept the rules even in the midst of tension. Still, he helped the needy mother by covering all her medical and food expenses till delivery. The child is rightly born in the doctor's humanity. 

But the needy mother's thought was how to feed and teach her children in poverty. After a day of delivery, the unfortunate mother handed over the new-born to others in exchange for money, avoiding the eyes of the doctors and nurses.

Leader of the Opposition Jitendra Chowdhury writes and has requested the chief secretary and district magistrate of Dhalai district to rescue the sold baby girl and return her to her mother and provide food and medical care to the needy mother's family. 

Opposition leader said that Chief Secretary JK Sinha has assured to take action on this incident.