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UCC, 'One Nation, One Election' to be Implemented in Next Term: Amit Shah

Ahead of the final phase of voting for the Lok Sabha elections 2024, Union Home Minister Amit Shah has told what the Bharatiya Janata Party will do if it returns to power. 

The Hindu quoted Shah's interview to news agency PTI as saying that the Home Minister has claimed that the BJP will implement one country, one election and Uniform Civil Code (UCC) in the next term.

Amit Shah believes that holding simultaneous elections will reduce the cost of elections. He said, 'We will also make every possible effort to achieve the goal of 'One Nation, One Election'. There should be a discussion on this. The Prime Minister has formed the Ramnath Kovind Committee. I am also its member. The report of the committee has come. Now the time has come that simultaneous elections should be held in the country.'

However, former Chief Election Commissioner of India SY Qureshi does not consider 'one nation, one election' as a 'solution'. In a conversation with the Indian Express, he had said that crores of rupees can be saved by curbing the expenses of political parties.

Asked if a bill on this could be introduced in the next session if the BJP comes back to power, Shah said, "Our resolution is for five years. We will bring it in this period."

When asked about the possibility of holding the general election in winter or any other time of the year instead of the scorching heat, Shah said, "We can consider it. If we hold one election earlier, it can be done. It should be done. It is also the time of school holidays. This also creates a lot of problems. Over time, the general elections gradually came to this period (summer season)."

'It is our responsibility to implement UCC'

Talking about Uniform Civil Code, he said, 'Uniform Civil Code is a responsibility which our Constitution makers left on us, our Parliament and State Legislatures since Independence.'

The Union Home Minister said that the BJP has done an experiment in Uttarakhand, where it has a majority government, because it is a matter of the state and the Centre.

The UCC has been on the BJP's agenda since the 1950s and has recently been implemented in BJP-ruled Uttarakhand. He said, 'I believe that the Uniform Civil Code is a huge social, legal and religious reform. The law made by the Uttarakhand government should be subjected to social and legal scrutiny. Religious leaders should also be consulted... What I mean to say is that there should be a wide debate on this.'

The Union Minister further said, 'The state assemblies and Parliament of the country should seriously consider this and make a law. We have written in our manifesto that the BJP's goal is to implement a uniform civil code for the entire country.'

Asked if this could be done in the next five years, Shah said, "It will be done in this period. Five years is enough time."