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Vladimir Putin Takes Oath as president of Russia For Fifth Term

Vladimir Putin was sworn in as President of Russia for the fifth time on Tuesday. 71-year-old Putin began his fifth term by taking oath at a grand ceremony in the Kremlin. 

Putin has assumed the post of Russian President for the fifth time at a time when he is being accused of suppressing the opposition in the country and the conflict with the West has increased significantly. 

Putin, who has been continuously strengthening his power in Russia, will face many challenges during his tenure. Especially the crisis of war in Ukraine is a big challenge before him.

The West has described the elections held in March as a sham following the death of Putin's main rival Alexei Navalny under mysterious circumstances in an Arctic prison. Most of Putin's opponents in Russia are either in jail or have left the country. 

Putin's grip on power is becoming stronger after the invasion of Ukraine in 2022, but due to this, Russia is also facing Western sanctions, which has dealt a major blow to the Russian economy. 

Putin will be faced with the challenge of taking steps for the betterment of the economy. Faced with Western sanctions following the invasion of Ukraine, Putin has turned to the East to woo India and China with increased energy exports..

Putin started his political career in 1991 as mayor of St. Petersburg. He had also worked as an intelligence officer before joining politics. In 1998, then-President Boris Yeltsin appointed him head of the FSB security service and the following year as Prime Minister. 

After Yeltsin's resignation, Putin became acting President and then gradually power in Russia came under his control. Putin gained popularity by promising stability in a country reeling from a decade of humiliation and economic chaos after the Soviet collapse. 

He has also increasingly pursued a domestic agenda of nationalism and social conservatism. However, at this time victory in Ukraine is a big challenge for him because America and Western countries are openly standing with Ukraine.

Putin had won a landslide victory in the presidential elections held in March this year. He has been in power in Russia for more than two decades. He was appointed Prime Minister in August 1999. He became acting President in December 1999. 

Putin took the oath of office for the first time in 2000. Since then, he has become the President in 2004, 2012 and 2018 also. Now for the fifth time he has held the post of President of Russia.