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Voice in Favour of Palestine Intensified in America

The process of raising voices in support of Palestine continues in America. The protests that started at Columbia University are now showing their impact on other campuses as well. 

At the University of California, Los Angeles, police have had to use force to free the campus from alleged occupation by pro-Palestinian protesters. According to the report, the police have removed the barricades. 

When pro-Palestinian protesters refused to obey police orders, police used force to remove their strong hold after 24 hours. According to reports, the police had to resort to force. 

Many people were also detained. Police warned the protesters over loudspeakers and said they could be detained for several hours. 

According to reports, the use of force by the American administration can be gauged from the fact that police helicopters were seen hovering over the campus. 

Loud sounds of flash-bangs were also heard. With its help the police try to disperse the crowd. When the officers approached, the protesters questioned why the police did not take action at the time of need? 

Expressing their intention not to back down, the protesters bluntly said that the administration wants peace, but we are demanding justice. 

The policemen, equipped with face shields and safety jackets, were also seen armed with batons, helmets and gas masks. 

Sggressive attitude of students was also seen in America's Columbia University. Dozens of protesting students occupied a building at Columbia University in New York on Tuesday.

Students barricaded entrances and raised a Palestinian flag from a window, escalating demonstrations against the Israel-Hamas war. 

The movement against Israeli attacks on Gaza and American support for Israel has spread to college campuses across the country.

Even outside America, the issue of humanitarian crisis in Gaza is becoming a major reason for protest. There have also been reports of student protests in support of Palestinians from the French capital Paris. 

Dozens of students gathered near the Sorbonne University and shouted slogans. Around 100 protesters took part in the protest near the university. During this, Palestinian flags were waved and speeches were made in support of Palestinians.