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Water Hyacinth Problem: Tripura Tourism Minister Visits Rudrasagar

Minister of Tourism Department Sushanta Chowdhury held a meeting with the administrative officials of various departments  to make arrangements to open the Niramhal for tourists by removing the debris from Melaghar Rudrasagar.

At the end of the meeting, he faced the journalists and said that since the election code of conduct is in force in the country, development work is not being done now. 

However, he visited the Rudrasagar  and said that steps would be taken to remove the debris, water hyacinth floating on the Rudrasagar as soon as possible.

He also said that arrangements were made to remove garbage during the G-20 conference. Then this year a little more amount of water hyacinth has covered the entire Rudrasagar. 

The minister said that a decision has been taken in the meeting to make arrangements to remove the debris from the Rudrasagar.

In the administrative meeting held at Rudrasagar on that day, Tourism Department Director Tapan Das, MMC Chairman Anamika Ghoshpal Roy, Fisheries Department Fisheries Supervisor Ranen Devarai, Melaghar Refugee Cooperative Society President Secretary along with Forest Department Divisional Officer Kamal Bhowmik were present.