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We Have Eye on The Ongoing Fuel Problem. To Be Solved Soon: Tripura Transport Minister

The state government is maintaining regular communication with the central government and the railway Ministry to resolve the fuel crisis in the state. 

Transport Minister of Tripura Sushanta Chowdhury expressed hope that the ongoing fuel crisis problem will be resolved soon. While reacting to the fuel crisis in the state  Transport Minister Sushant Chowdhury said that the state government has already contacted the Union Railway Minister.

"Along with the Chief Minister, the Transport Minister himself has said that he is keeping an eye on these issues" Transport Minister Sushant Chowdhury said in a press conference.

"Due to natural calamity, rail services have been disrupted in Jhatinga area of ​​Assam. As a result, various commodity and petroleum trains are unable to enter into the state. As a result, long queues are observed at petrol pumps in the state for several days. However, the state government is trying to solve this problem. The state government is trying to ensure that goods trains can enter the state as soon as possible" This is what Minister Sushanta Chowdhury said on Thursday.

He also said that there is no reason to worry about this issue. The state government and the Chief Minister himself are looking into the matter. 

Besides, Minister Sushanta Chowdhury is also keeping an eye on all the incidents. He expressed hope that cargo trains would enter the state very soon. Shortage of various daily necessities including fuel will be met. 

He said that "the Chief Minister has personally already written to Railway Minister Ashwini Kumar Vaishnaw. In that case, the railway  is trying to solve this problem quickly. This is what the Chief Minister said".

The minister also said that those who sell various daily essentials search scope of skyrocketing prices when the communication system of the state is disrupted. He appealed to the businessmen of the state not to walk on that route. After all, the state government will solve this problem very quickly, said Minister Sushant Chowdhury.

The petrol crisis across the state has been extreme for a few days now. Most petrol pumps do not have petrol. And among the petrol pumps that have petrol, there are hundreds of motorists standing to get petrol. A few pumps dispensed petrol, but long queues of motorists and bikers are there in the pumps. 

The situation is the same in the capital's petrol pumps. Even standing in line for petrol from morning to evening, petrol is not available. Track damaged in Lamding Division of Railways. Repaired. Passenger trains have already started running. But the freight train has not started running yet. Petrol crisis will be normalized within 24 hours when freight trains start running.