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Why Arrest Ahead of General Election?" SC Asks ED on Timing of Arrest of Arvind Kejriwal

The petition filed against the arrest of Arvind Kejriwal  was heard in the Supreme Court on Tuesday. 

The Supreme Court has asked big questions to the ED. Justice Sanjeev Khanna has raised questions on the timing of the arrest ahead of the general elections. He said why the arrest before the general elections? ED will answer the questions on Friday.

The court said, "Can you initiate criminal proceedings without judicial proceedings in relation to what has happened here? No attachment proceedings have been taken so far in this case and if so, then show how Kejriwal is involved in the case." 

The Supreme Court said, "As far as the Manish Sisodia case is concerned, there are findings for and against. So tell us where is the Kejriwal case? They believe that the limits of Section 19, which puts the onus on the prosecution and not the accused But, there is no demand for regular bail and the onus is on them, so how do we make it very high? That the standards for finding a person who is guilty be the same.

The court raised questions and said, “Why is there such a long gap between the initiation of proceedings and the arrest etc ?