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Young Boy And Girl Arrested With Pistol, Magazines From Agartala Railway Station

Beside Drug now young generation involving in arms dealing also, in Tripura. 

Especially railway become the corridor for drug, arm dealing and infiltration movement which become a matter of concern for Tripura as well as internal security of the country.

A 9 mm pistol and two pistol magazines has been recovered recovered during the raid in Agartala Rail Station.

Two youths have been arrested involved with these arms and significantly boath belongs from young generation.

According to the police on the basis of secret information, Amtali police station received news yesterday that two persons with weapons will come to Agartala from Dharmanagar by Janshatabdi Express. 

Based on that news, the police and the GRP became active. By that time, the police detained a suspect boy and girl and conducted interrogation. 

A 9 mm pistol and two pistol magazines were recovered from them during the interrogation.